The bleddy hard Cornish parkrun Trifecta

So it appears I am now very much a fanatical parkrunner – after being very specific at the start of the year “I not going to run weekly!” We (myself and the good lady wifey) have now run each week since the end of February. As at today I have 22, which isn’t a great amount I’ll grant you but when you consider up to 21 I had run three (and scanned in just two of them) I’m doing decent.

Today was interesting, hobbled over to the Eden Project with a back strain and managed a, for me, respectable 26m ish effort. I think, elsewhere on the blog, I will have mentioned I was going to be pleased to get under 30m, just goes to show what technology does for you.

But I’m quite proud of the efforts of the previous three weeks, that saw us take on, arguably, three of the toughest routes in Cornwall. Now lots of parkrunners, I’ll wager, know of Lanhydrock, which was, apparently, one of the top courses in the UK in terms of toughness, that was last week, and before that Mount Edgcumbe and that Penryn Campus.

All distinctly different courses and all with some interesting features, and all a challenge, espcially for an old fart lolloper like me, so what better content to use for this here blog which is, sorry sorry, fast turning out to being 100% running crap.

So, brace yourselves, run reports incoming!

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