Running familiar

You ever get something that embeds into your life? You know, the sort of thing that just is part of your daily, weekly, monthly, whatever…….well this is where we are with 2022 running. In a GOOD way too!

So since the couch to 5k in whenever it was – I have a little book somewhere where I was scribbling down my times. I do remember I finished the program with a 5k time of something like 32 mins.

And then the “miracle” 10k and I’m sure other, far better, runners, will tell me that they, too, have these occasional sessions where everything just works. I SMASHED out 5k without really thinking about it, sure, it wasn’t fast, but it was done and I was feeling great……at the time I was running around an old clay tip and three loops plus the downhill bit = 5k, I thought I’d carry on.

Some circuits later and I’m up to 7, 8, 9 how much futher do I go?

10km as it turns out.

Again, not fast, but completed and still able to walk the remainder back to the house.

The coastguard helo was almost deployed as I’d only popped out for 30 mins or so.

Point is what an amazing feeling, my first 10km, and for a guy who used to drive down the road to the post office or the shop etc, I felt amazing.

Fast forward to now, and since mid/late ’21 I’ve been getting in three runs a week…..and I know I’m far from exemplary in that, but it’s MY workout and I’m doing it – but more than that it’s just part of the week now, if it’s a 6:30am plod with the wife, or a delightful warm afternoon on the Camel Trail it matters now, it’s part of the fabric of my life now.

For the most part running has helped me lose weight and just feel a lot better about myself, which has to be good right?

My attitude to it now is I will go for it until my legs fall off. I’ve since run a half marathon, will I do a full one? Probably not, but it’s not for the fitness, it’s just a long time to be off doing stuff. (The half was 2.5 and a wee bit hours) But I have the thinnest waist I’ve had since my teens and distance and shitty weather holds zero fear – once you’ve run over Ice at -2 or in the snow, you’re probably reasonably hardy.

As for goals, the main one is to keep going, and if I happen to mention a sub 25 5k well, we’ll just see about that – I still have 1m 16s to shave off, not that I’m counting.

Find stuff that you love and go do it guys!

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