Back in the pool

So I have a job! You know how things have been all over the place over the last couple of years? Well business has been the same. And, due to the unique way I’ve been a bit rubbish about the whole thing I never really settled into a decent rhythm and then this post comes along.

I had the skills and the expirence and although people say when you work for yourself for a period of time it’s harder to get back into things, I thought I might have a decent chance. Turns out I was right. So how’s it going? Two weeks in and yeah, it’s been an expirence. But boy is it interesting.

After about 300 years as an avid gamer (PC Master Race y’all) I get myself a job IN the industry. I’m back in the IT Management saddle and happy to be there, there is a nice meaty challenge there, but a great opportunity to bring some real change and improvement to the company, and the staff are great and really giving, so learning the industry and what they need to work better is a real buzz.

More on this drekly!

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