I have strived for some time now to have a web presence, way back in 1907 (or thereabouts) I held a Geocities account (remember them?) which has now, depending on how you look at it sadly/fortunately faded into the past not even to be found on the wayback machine.

Other endeavours have remained for longer, I created and maintained a successful website based on the village I was born and raised in, alas the sheer amount of time it took to keep that one running meant that after a few years it ceased to be supported (but is still in the wayback machine)

Most of my work as a developer has now been overwritten as I haven’t worked in that role for some years now (unless you count the current company sites, which have not been created, only maintained, by myself) but throughout all of this I have tried to maintain some form of web presence or others.

One site, kindly provided by the ISP at the time (Force 9 if memory serves) was full of rants, another was anonymous and errr was full of rants, others have been nothing more than a page of waffle, and my favourite of all time had a psychotic computer generated hamster on (really!) all just mere playing and fiddling.

Through the years of working in the IT industry I have extended my skills and knowledge and now I’m running departments for a living, the web presence has evolved to this, the rikzblog, this is my personal blog, but the intention is to publish information regarding my work, try to keep the rants mostly to myself and publish useful information that may be of interest.

That’s the plan anyway! Hope it does not offend and you can recover some small element of enjoyment from your time here!