No big thing….

…..but over the last couple of days I’ve moved web host

I say it’s no big thing, but it is, for some!  I was only speaking with a client last year about how they spent £1000s setting up a business website (I know, in 2017!) but within the cost was a hefty cost for setting up and moving from an existing host.

Now lets get one thing straight…..I don’t mind companies making some money, but I’ve never liked them taking the piss with it.  £500 for “annual hosting fees” is something I’d generally deem as stupid and unnecessary in the past, but now I’ll concede that you can argue a reason for it – certainly justified when it comes to a decent-sized e-commerce website, as that’s going to require really good security and monitoring.

But a 10 page WordPress brochure site?  Nah, not buying.

I’m “lucky” since I’m an IT pro, I can do this stuff for myself, but should I?  There is an argument to be had that paying someone else to do stuff like moving websites frees up my valuable time to do other stuff.

But I kind of enjoy it, so until such time as I really can’t find the time I will!

So this latest move…’s certainly not expensive, but more than that, there was a function to allow the full move of a WordPress site (including database setup and moving existing data) so that’s what I did.  It was so simple, a few clicks, a few details and waiting for DNS to update before enabling the SSL, a couple of updates to the settings and we’re done.

You could have paid a nice chunk of cash to a “web developer” to do that but why should you?  Of course there are good reasons for having them, as well as digital marketing support, but if something is made so easy for you it’s a good idea to make use of it don’t you think?

So far so good then, really happy with the new hosts and will be slowly migrating all of my web stuff to them over the next few weeks.

Oh and Happy New 2018 too 🙂

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