Another week done

Interesting week this week. One of the hardest things to really get on top of as a business owner, at least in my humble opinion, is to give the appropriate amount of time to each job.

So feeling happy with this weeks workload.  Last week was a bit more hurtful, one evening I was sat up till 10:30pm putting together quotes and doing odds and ends.  Too easy to lose track of time.

Inbox zero playing a large part of helping this.  As at now, Inbox has Zero emails in and the next folder, which is the one that I have to go through to respond or whatnot has 19.  Everything else is lower priority so happy to be more on top of that.

I read this week how connected lives mean that we struggle to detach from our e-lives.  I’ll admit I am a bit glued to my phone, back when I was in “honest” employment I used to set my phone the deliberately not download emails at weekends, take a break.

Now I just leave the thing face down in a corner or let it run out of juice for the weekend.

But then there is the small matter of emergency support, so I guess peeking a time or two isn’t entirely inappropriate is it?!

Had some great success and misery with suppliers as well this week – such a great relief to find responsive and professional firms to deal with, and ones that are happy and keen to work with me?  Bonus!

And so that’s about that.  A bit of a collection of random thoughts this week, good to have an info dump, might make it a thing.

Oh, and Confucius says, write your ruddy password down kids!

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