Today I had a very frustrating issue crop up with a Windows box – the TL:DR of it was that Windows updates applied and the box rebooted without being asked cue install error.

The above is very similar to the issue – but you’ll note it was posted in 2011 – today is most definitely 2017.

It’s not the same conditions but essentially the same error and, ironically, the same fix was offered.

Isn’t it about time that in a production environment we had some form of safeguarding or at the very least let’s have a flag when a potential update issue might occur or at the very least a REALLY SIMPLE way that a user can be directed, remotely, to prevent this causing major hassle.

Especially in these enlightened times when we’re all going to get nagged to bits about the importance of keeping our kit up to date with the latest patches.

Sad face

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