Work for a charity? Want some cut-price software?

I was asked the other day to check over a quote for an IT service for an associate of the business, something I’m always happy to do if I can be of help, and without going into too much detail what was being offered seemed very reasonable. However something caught my eye, and that was a line that said “XXXXX to source all software via CTX”, now I might be about to divulge the worst kept secret ever but CTX (Charity Technology Exchange) offer charities software (and in some cases hardware) for a nominal cost.

What you pay for is an administration fee, you also have to meet certain criteria, and there is a limitation to how many licences you can have, but for small, either not for profit or minimal turnover charitable organisations this is an exceptionally good way to provide IT investment on a low-cost basis.

Hard to imagine a business case for a server and a few new pcs could be turned down when a potential large proportion of the base cost could be offset in this way.

Of course, how many charities can afford an IT Department as well?!

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