This week

Phone system upgrade still rumbling along, but wouldn’t you credit it, people like taking holiday in August!  Some of the people involved in the discussions are now out of the office, so the whole project has slowed to a snails pace. Mind you we are still working towards the end result, there is some work that can be performed in the meantime, and still one or two things to sort out.

Which brings me on to my weekly problem!  This week I upgraded an ADSL link on Scilly, problem was I was migrating two links in subsequent weeks, and tried to upgrade the wrong office first.  Now I will be the first to admit I’m far from perfect and yes, I did waste a decent chunk of time sat in the wrong place, but it was a learning experience as all of these things are. So now the link is working again and I can carry on with the day job, which unfortunately requires yet more upgrades and equipment replacements, seems that there is a finite life of most IT and a sizeable chunk of our kit is past it now.

Interesting and varied, one day I’m migrating ADSL connections/vpn links, the next day I’m up a ladder trying to install a new wireless aerial. You’d think we make it up as we go along.

Well, maybe just a little!

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