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I’ve always been a sporadic (you say lazy, I say potato!) blogger at best but such is the way of things huh?  This blog has existed online in one form or another for some years now the first post on this incarnation the ubiquitous “Hello World” in 2010 at which point it was supposed to become a resource of tech gubbins as well as detailing my progress through the murky world of IT Management in a medium-sized enterprise.

And its fair to say that that journey was an interesting one, but I have very definitely moved on to pastures new now. In so doing it’s given me a load of extra social media responsibility and pardon me if I feel all old-school about it and prefer to be working as opposed to talking about working, or even talking about talking about working! (I think you get the gist!) But I just do – so how come I’m back here trying my best not to author yet another sorry-I’ve-been-away post?

Well here’s the thing, this time there’s a point to it, or rather more of one than there has been in the past – at least as far as I’m concerned.  That point being I’m drowning! Well ok, not physically drowning but metaphorically so!  Drowning in a sea of new processes and new distractions whilst trying to make sense of just what I’ve done.

Actually that’s over dramatising it – I know exactly what I’ve done, I’ve fulfilled a life-long, no really, ambition to become the lord and master of all I survey – that is to be Director of my own business.  To be fair I did achieve that nearly 20 years ago, sort of.  I’m not sure we can really count a shell company setup by a contracting firm to avoid paying me full rate for a bunch of contracts in the 90s can we?

So then, forward to 2014 and Aurumtech Solutions – and lets get that out of the way first off shall we? Aurum is the Latin word for Gold, it’s also the first letter of the alphabet (if that means anything on lists any more) and we were going to be called “Aurum Technology” until someone stole the name from us – the domain name had been registered and in the week or so before we registered the business name someone else nabbed it – lesson learnt kids!  With me so far?  Gold Technology the symbolism is buried pretty deeply, but we like that it had a meaning to it.

And far more important than faffing about with a name, image, and all of that is to just get out there and start swinging right?  Right?

Apparently there’s a little more to it than that!

So the best part of 20 years worth of IT and technical work, troubleshooting, support, projects, pretty high-level stuff (some project values ran into six figures – I have, in my time, installed systems responsible for managing staggering amounts of money, well into the millions!) a great understanding of customer services and more importantly how to treat people – that is to say not everyone is safe, take note suppliers! Management, experience, qualifications, how could I possibly fail?

For that, the jury is definitely still out!

What’s intriguing about the whole process is just how far removed from the general Business world I’ve been, despite living in Cornwall my entire life. I’ve realised over the past few months that I simply know no-one within the circles I’m now moving.  My wife jokes about how we can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone I know (it’s happened in London, Eastern England, the middle bit and even, annoyingly way up North) and that I must know everyone in Cornwall, nope, not true, just half of them it seems.

Of course I’m referring to that wonderful mainstay of any business – the networking.

To me it was never a word that struck fear, it was usually made in reference to some messy cables or some switch gear, but in the business context it’s a catch-all for the deepest depths of HELL itself.  And you know what, see me out and about and I might even tell you I hate it, but that’s far too strong and simply not true, I can see that it’s a crucial part of business and as a really young business like we are I know we need to stick our heads up and wave our arms about – even if we’re not quite at the point of shouting how great we are yet.

And so you find us (mostly me, but I do try to drag Mrs R along to events now and then) neck deep in the middle of our next mission, a mission to find a direction and a purpose for Aurumtech – will we manage to become a general technical improvement provider as we’d ideally like or will we be forced to define our specific offerings and target a certain sector or sectors, as we are being told?

This isn’t personal, it’s Business. Just having a personal work ethic and set of values isn’t enough it seems as we all have to seek and provide clarity – so that’s where we’re headed – but until we get there we are the BEST IT firm you’ve never heard of, we can fix stuff, save you time, money and even hold back the inevitable march of the wrinkles and grey hair (that’s reduce stress to you and me!) and all of it whilst remaining cheerful, more or less!

What have we done?!

Chris – 12/02/15

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