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I like Lee, I think we could have almost been two peas in a pod! We have similar views on certain aspects of life despite coming from different backgrounds.

The "before"
The “before”

We met on the Outset Cornwall class of July-October 2014 with both of us being a little bit more advanced than just being interested in starting our own businesses – we’d sort of both already kicked things off.

And to think I was proud of my status as being up and running when Lee was in the same boat.

As I think one of the highlights of the course has been that we get to meet and know others in similar positions so the culture of helping each other fosters. I’m helping Lee improve his web presence (I hope) and general use of IT.

Well today he’s Valeting my car, getting it ready for sale.

I would have previously said “doing” but now I’m a little more educated I feel I can call it what it is.

Lee has this issue, it’s a little like mine in some respects, it’s difficult to get out there, we both feel we offer a premium service to our clients too, attention to detail, caring what clients want, not just wanting to offload.

My problem is trying to convince you that I do know what I’m talking about better than another IT firm, that my solutions are more relevant. Lee’s is to try to convince you that his service is worth it when you can go down the road and get a bucket wash “done” for a few pounds.

Getting personal with my alloy wheels
Getting personal with my alloy wheels

Well today they (Lee brought his assistant “Fergie” with him to help beat the oncoming weather) came to my office – before the time we agreed – plenty of time for a cuppa and a chat. And since then they’ve been out there in the car park – the generator revs up every now and then, I peek out and see discs whirring, and cloths and spray and elbow grease being applied.

The thing is that what he does is treat a car, bring the surfaces back to pristine condition, I don’t know exactly how it works, but a combination of the right kind of product (and you thought that was an expression only applicable to peoples barnets!?) and a process of polishing and using clay (I’ll have to ask him if it’s locally sourced!) and other techniques to put things back the way they should be.

But you know what’s amazing about this? Once done your car should be good for a year! Provided you keep it topped up – as far as the topping up goes it’s just washing it properly. Don’t worry, I have that covered, we’re going to get him to record some tutorial videos and pop those online – to show us all how to get the best out of our cars finish once it’s been valeted by him!

The cost of this?  Well prices do vary but this is an average situation (I assume) as the car wasn’t completely hanging and is a family saloon sized vehicle, anyway, £120 – or put it another way – £10 a month!  (They were there for four an a half hours!) Yes that’s right – if you slice it into monthly amounts it’s barely more than taking it to those awful car washes at supermarkets – and like I said before, a sensible regular monthly (or so) wash with shampoo (PH neutral, thank you Fergie!) coupled with the treatment it’s received should keep it in tip top condition for up to a year or more.

In my case it’s a prep for sale, because I need the funds to move my business forward, but for you it might be important to complete the image, or because you have a classic car, or because it’s a fleet vehicle, whatever the reason the work he does comes at an impressive value provided you’re prepared to keep it topped up yourself.

I intend to be helping Lee as best I can because I think he deserves the support, he’s a decent guy trying to make his new venture work – I think we need a few more like him out there.

As for the car? It looks amazing, I’m going to find it hard to part with it now!


Check him out, he’s a nice guy and knows his stuff, and boy if you want your car to really gleam he’ll do it!


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