New treads

Daddys getting new shoes……

This blog has been spared the endless torrent of yammering about running but not for much longer.

See, at the top of lockdown my wife and kids were all out there running Parkrun, as a family we’d been taking the kids to the junior events for a while now (both kids have over 100 junior runs) and they seemed to be really loving it – the idea was it was helping them with their cross country at school and beyond.

Then the Mrs started running and what else could I do?

Yep, buy a new bike, my first one in 30 years as it happens. And then I had my first bike “crash” in a similar time – oh the fun we had picking road grit out of my left side!

Still, getting fit, 20+ miler rides fine by me.

Then pesky lockdown arrives and we’re technically only allowed out for an hour a day and then only a distance from the house, what to do Christopher Robin?

Sure, run, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Some months later and we’re a good chunk of the way through a half marathon training schedule and wrecked old body permitting we’re on course.

Well then an interesting milestone. My rather expensive running shoes started to fall to bits. I knew it was coming but it still hurt, with my reserves in play it was time.

Cometh the hour cometh the new shoes.

And wouldn’t you know it, I geeked out! They have technology, twisty lace thingers, and other exciting things.

Let’s hope they’re decent!

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