The End Times

Someone asked me today how I’d been coping lately. And in return I asked if they’d been keeping safe.

It’s quite amusing if you ignore all of the terrible illness and lives lost. But people seem to, even if just for a little while, have become a bit more human again.

A little caveat right in the third paragraph. I’m pretty good with being isolated. I’ve always been plenty ok with my own company; I’m a geek, a gamer, a sci-fi book and comic nerd.

Hell, I have enough sadly ignored hobbies to keep me going for TEN lockdowns.

But I have to confess it’s kinda nice to have more people enquiring after my welfare than usual. Even if one or two of them are getting a bit weary of it now.

We live strange in our household. Or at least we always used to think we did. Kids keep off phones, tech, they go to bed early, we like to grow our own produce and spend lots of spare time as a family together, the only fast food we have is when we travel away – it’s not a treat, it’s because it’s fast. (Except the Fish and Chips at Gordano, not having that overpriced muck again!)

Ok ok, before the pitchforks are sharpened we’re not unique, far from it, but if anything, we’re not modern that’s more like it.

One of my kids once got shit at school for not knowing what a Kardashian was – imagine that, a bunch of pre-teen girls teased her because she was out of touch – or was it them?

So here we are several weeks into the Covid crisis and we’re not doing too badly. No brag just truth. I’m sure there are plenty of folk that are too.

But lots more that aren’t.

I often wonder if being simple in life, pretty content and trying to live well and good has prepared us for the stress of all of this.

Business has been pretty decent throughout, in fact it’s getting to the point there’s almost too much, but not yet! The kids are pretty happy considering what they’re missing and generally the house is still a happy one.

I’m not preaching a “better” life means a happier life but I’m pretty sure we’ve managed to get a thing or two right that’s kept us sane.

Check in in a week and well we’ll see how it goes 😉

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