This week

Working on company-wide phone system upgrade. We are, to all intents and purposes, preparing to deploy a new system.  Currently defining how the system should be used, various sections of the business are getting involved to tailor their own sections to their liking, the eventual aim is to route all incoming calls as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Hardware upgrades are in place (more or less, unless you count a few UPS batteries!) and the next job is to move onto the structure, then the programming.

Spent some time earlier in the week setting up a new virtual machine host, it’s amazing that software like that is given away for free! I’ve often discussed with others how smaller businesses (and this does seem to affect Cornwall particularly) appear to fight the need to invest in their IT infrastructure, a small investment (server here, some disks there, etc) plus application of the excellent VMWARE software and almost any sized business can implement a total solution, but the initial investment must simply be too rich for them, I suppose this is where the IT Manager comes in?

Back to the VMs, we already had an existing VM host setup – operating on v4 it seems, and the process to migrate VMs from one host to the other was so painless I almost thought I was doing it incorrectly!  Once the VM was recognised the software upgraded it to the latest version v7 and after a couple of reboots and some VMware tools install all was well.

What’s interesting about this setup is that you can nigh on virtualise an entire datacentre onto one server, of course, when you start getting into significant numbers of VMs and adding in levels of complexity you will almost certainly have to invest in a paid-for product, but by that time you will have been bitten, mark my words.

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