Code that makes me smile – sql comparisons

Ok, just a brief one, but important, for me, nonetheless! I have a page on our site that displays various special offers – the CMS part is coded so that each offer is an entry in the a database, the form contains two date variables, offer start and offer end dates. The idea being that … Read moreCode that makes me smile – sql comparisons

How do you fix an internet problem like Lands End Airport?

The Background Lands End Airport is one of our sites – and therefore one of my sites! It is one of our busiest and arguably most popular departure points, is used for Engineering activities as well as managed by ourselves. In that there is a lot of infrastructure up there. And with lots of infrastructure … Read moreHow do you fix an internet problem like Lands End Airport?

Vodafone and damage limitation

Today’s hot topic has been the fact that the Vodafone network for much of the West of the country has been affected by an outage. Early on little was known until a news story broke about their datacenter being the subject of a break-in. And now, at midday there is still nothing much evident on … Read moreVodafone and damage limitation

Windows, WordPress and MySQL

As you know I’m a bit of a wordpress geek, and have been building a company Intranet with a wordpress install.  During all of the fun and games with the Sophos software upgrade (see the intranet database has become corrupt and needs to be recreated.  I’m hoping I can recover everything from the original … Read moreWindows, WordPress and MySQL