Code that makes me smile – more sql, disctinct/paging

Another part of the ever-ongoing project is to find a way to add a CMS function to the timetables. Now we really should (and almost certainly will in the future) simply API data from our bookings and reservations system onto our site, so this solution is more of a stop-gap, but it does give me … Read moreCode that makes me smile – more sql, disctinct/paging

Code that makes me smile – sql comparisons

Ok, just a brief one, but important, for me, nonetheless! I have a page on our site that displays various special offers – the CMS part is coded so that each offer is an entry in the a database, the form contains two date variables, offer start and offer end dates. The idea being that … Read moreCode that makes me smile – sql comparisons

Condensing my code…

This one falls under the “code that makes me” smile category (that I don’t have on the blog), but it’s more about making three lines of code into one… I have a script that converts the contents of a textbox into several sentences as opposed to one large paragraph as form/database uploads tend to natively. … Read moreCondensing my code…

CMS/database updates with “fading action text”

Ok, so to repair the emotional damage and trauma of losing our Intranet (see I turned to another job, the face-lift of our main site (here) is another job that I’ve been working on, I’d been prepared to let it loose prior to Christmas but a last minute decision to proof read (sanity check?) … Read moreCMS/database updates with “fading action text”