Windows, WordPress and MySQL

As you know I’m a bit of a wordpress geek, and have been building a company Intranet with a wordpress install.  During all of the fun and games with the Sophos software upgrade (see the intranet database has become corrupt and needs to be recreated.  I’m hoping I can recover everything from the original … Read moreWindows, WordPress and MySQL

Post a day?

Isn’t the internet great?  I’m constantly stumbling across great stuff I usually only get a paragraph into before I wander off or get dragged away to do something else. So I cured that (for cure read: was at a friends place and saw him using it) and found the excellent Firefox addin Taboo (not heard … Read morePost a day?

This week

Phone system upgrade still rumbling along, but wouldn’t you credit it, people like taking holiday in August!  Some of the people involved in the discussions are now out of the office, so the whole project has slowed to a snails pace. Mind you we are still working towards the end result, there is some work … Read moreThis week