So I moved the blog to a different server, this is good practice apart from anything else….but it’s cool, I’m good and prepared this time – I backed my shit up!  Sat there with a tarball and a blank ‘press install errr, hang on a sec there’s no sodding restore button!  Not time to panic yet, lets break out the search engine before the world ends – what I love about the internet nowadays, everything is there for you…..but isn’t it great when you reach out for help and first time…..

A very simple call for help on my part and one basic web search later I stumble upon my new best friend! Take a bow Pascal! ( ) and what’s so great about peer support – someone either has the problem, fixes it and decides to share with the world….just because – I like that!

So the blog moves, the backup plugin works, and I am now imbibed with the power to RESTORE!

Mind you…..did I say Pascal was my new best friend?  He’s ok, he got my posts back, but the only problem is that of the 3000 comments this blog has only about 3 of them are not spam….. :/

Next stop, finding a way to stop those damn bots!

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