This week

Phone system upgrade still rumbling along, but wouldn’t you credit it, people like taking holiday in August!  Some of the people involved in the discussions are now out of the office, so the whole project has slowed to a snails pace. Mind you we are still working towards the end result, there is some work … Read moreThis week

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Earlier this week I had to setup a couple of new servers for our Mitel system, the process went simply enough, the brief was minimum Server 2003 SP2, so if you ignore the whole process of getting to grips with the installation of Server 2003 as a Virtual Machine (which went off without a hitch … Read moreError 1718. File FileName was rejected by digital signature policy

This week

Working on company-wide phone system upgrade. We are, to all intents and purposes, preparing to deploy a new system.  Currently defining how the system should be used, various sections of the business are getting involved to tailor their own sections to their liking, the eventual aim is to route all incoming calls as quickly and … Read moreThis week