It must be that time of year….

…..for a blog post!

Seems the main blog at has fallen over, who said upgrading wordpress was a straightforward job?! (Scratch that, I used a “proper” FTP client, it seems that Firefox’s EXCELLENT addin FireFTP was the problem, it simply wasn’t uploading all of the files in the upgrade folders)

In any case, in my absence there’s been a bunch of stuff going on, as you might expect, big boom in the form of the DC dropping TWO drives on the same weekend, still really picking through the mess of that if I’m honest.

New software, new hardware, new challenges, all met with the usual stoicism and humor on my part of course!!

I’m currently testing Office 2013, and I LIKED 2010, so what about 13… know it’s not that bad at all, worth the money?  Possibly another blog post, but it’s good!

And then new tech, well new to me or the business, tablets, new smartphones (which, annoyingly, my three year old can unlock?  That’s it, _definitely_ fat fingers on my part!) and a new building – more on that later!

If I don’t get back this way before, hope the big mean outsource don’t getcha over the holiday 😉

Oh look, it’s snowing….

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